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Draft: Write Like a Programmer

Draft is a CLI-enabled writing system to keep your work modular, optimize your project for git for version control, and just make writing more fun.

Primary Features

When you’re writing something short, a Google Doc or Word file works great. But get beyond a few thousand words and you end up in scroll-hell (i.e., the ‘thumb’ of the scrollbar is tiny and just navigating the doc is a chore).

Draft turns that half-finished novel into a clean, plaintext file tree perfect for git.

  • parse any Markdown file into a file tree of Sections, Chapters, Sub-chapters, and Scenes
  • sequence your files and directories to maintain a sequential index
  • outline your project to help plan and fill in gaps
  • compile your Scenes, Sub-Chapters, Chapters, and Sections into a single document once you’re ready to publish
  • Other features include stats (word count, etc.), trim (remove duplicate spaces), and split (put each sentence on its own line)


pip install draft-cli